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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All My Bags Are Packed... a luggage ID tutorial

The people who live in this American Homestead are travelers.

This story begins in an airport.  My husband's boss and I are standing at the baggage claim.  He tells me he'll help me with my luggage and asks me to describe it.  I replied, "Well, it's black..."  We both looked at each other and cracked up, we were staring at a baggage carousel filled with black luggage and they all looked the same.
That is when I decided I had to change my luggage so we could easily recognize it.  In the past we had tied on ribbons or yarn, my daughter had even made cute beaded id's but they always ended up being pulled off and are probably floating around a cargo hold still.

That's when I decided to do this:

The response to this simple change has been amazing.  I am asked all the time by travel professionals about my luggage.  Gate agents, taxi drivers, ticket agents, flight attendants, chauffeurs and bell captains have all stopped me and asked if I did this myself.  When I tell them yes, they always say what a great idea!

We have hoisted our luggage on planes, trains, ferries, subways, buses, you name it and this small amount of paint has worn well.  Our bags are instantly recognizable and we are able to grab them and go!

Here's how to do it:
Put a quarter size circle of acrylic craft paint on a paper plate,  take a paper towel and fold it into forths.  Dab a small corner of the paper towel into the paint and then pounce the wet area onto newspaper.  You are trying to remove most of the paint from the paper towel ~ you only need a small amount of paint.  Take a plastic stencil from the craft store and position it along the sides where you want your stencil to go - it is best to keep the stencil fairly simple.  Pounce the paint onto the stencil taking care to not go over the edges of the stencil and make a mess.  Move stencil and add more paint as needed.  Allow to dry and then put that suitcase to use!

I used a simple check stencil for my luggage.  I tell myself it represents the two places where I spend most of my time, Indiana - racing stripes and New York City - checkered cabs.  But honestly I found this stencil in a craft store clearance bin for 25 cents years ago and knew I'd put it to good use some day.  I did!

I'll be taking 3 flights in the next 24 hours and putting that luggage to good use.
Now off to Budapest!

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  1. Safe travels my friend. Excited to follow your second time around. Thx for the luggage stencil lesson. Love it.


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