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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Storm Saturn

I admit, it feels quite silly to have a rather
small snowfall be a named storm.  This one
is called Winter Storm Saturn.
For us, the snow started at dusk last
evening.  It came down in big flakes
and covered everything very quickly.
We were home safe and sound and
spent the evening cuddled up in front
of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate.
Every hour or so, we'd check on the
Today I took a snow day ~ well, really a
snow morning.  I slept late, I bundled up
to fill the bird feeders, visited the neighbors,
took a few pictures of the snow.
On the way home I saw a robin which
reminded me Spring is not far off (hopefully).
Better get back to work...


  1. We don't often get snow in North Texas and when we do, it usually melts the next day. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. The weather reports told us that we were expecting 5"-8" from Winter Storm Saturn ... but we only got about 3".


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