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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tortugas Bebés Mexicanos

Mexican Baby Turtles

On Christmas morning I opened this card and
was amazed that a card existed for something
that was so important to us.  On closer inspection,
I realized it was my photo!  Mr. Wonderful had
made up this card to go along with the little turtle
to give to me as a keepsake from our time with the

Last Fall we were in Mexico and went out for 
a walk along the beach before breakfast.

As we were passing a resort a man approached 
us and invited us in to view the conservation area.

Some of the turtles were hatching.

We could help to dig up the baby turtles, they 
were so adorable.  They would be protected
for the day and released in the evening.

It was the highlight of our trip!

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