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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hale Farm and Village

...and the beginning of an adventure.

Last week we took a little vacation but since we
were staying in the woods there was no phone,
no internet, no service.  I thought I'd blog this
week about everything we did last week.

First of all, we had not been camping in over a
decade,  I completely gave it up after Cub Scouts.
It was just like my Mommy job at home, only harder.

We left at the crack of dawn since we had a long
drive ahead of us, we were camping on the most
northwestern part of New York State right on 
Lake Ontario.  It was about a 9 hour drive with
a stop along the way and then we had to set up
our campsite.

In order to break up the trip, stretch our legs and
because I'm a nut for living history museums, we
stopped in Bath, Ohio at the Hale Farm and Village.

We were not the only ones!  This little village
that is run by the local historical society was
hopping with people.  It was the annual Civil
War Reenactment.  There were reenactors, 
horses, encampments and an entire vendor 
area selling merchandise and equipment from
the time period of the Civil War.

It certainly is a family affair for these
history lovers.  Entire families were decked 
out in full costume and I felt for them.  It was
a hot day and if I had to wear a uniform or a 
hoop skirt, well, I would have been a bit cranky,
to say the least.  This group is enjoying lunch and
of course, all the foods are appropriate to the time.

The village has a glass making demo.  
Generally you do not see this is a village 
this size, it was very interesting.

The potter was hard at work,  I can
watch this for hours.  I think I need to
find a place so I can take pottery classes

The village had many nice examples of
local buildings such as a church, a general 
store, log cabins and a variety of houses
showing different economic levels.  This 
house was spectacular, inside it had such 
gorgeous natural light and great cross
ventilation that made it comfortable to 
be inside even on a very hot day.

I always end up liking the kitchen the most.

The garden was spectacular.

I want this variety of cosmos in my
garden next year.

This was a sewing machine style I had
never seen before.

Isn't that a beauty of a quilt!

One of the houses even had an old crib 
which is something we rarely see.  I
wonder what the age is?

Then it was back in the car for another 4+
hours of driving until we hit Lake Ontario.
We set up our campsite, this was to be home
for the next three days.

We had appetizers as we watched the sun
go down over the lake.  We could see the
skyline of Toronto across the lake.

After sunset we had dinner and then into 
the tent to finally sleep.  It had been a long day...