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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ice, Ice Baby

We have a problem with our ice maker.  It's not
a mechanical problem, it is a problem with its
mere existence...  according to Mia the Wonder
dog that is.  She hates the ice maker.  For years,
we bought bags of ice so we could disengage the 
ice maker so it wouldn't bother Mia.

That is until this summer and my discovery of
iced coffee.  You see, up until this summer I 
had never had coffee, the smell just didn't 
appeal to me ~ at all.  
In May Wonderful and I were at International
Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.  We had worked all 
day in our booth, taken the booth apart and 
packed the car and were heading West for a 
six hour drive home.  Wonderful said he needed
some coffee so he pulled into a fast food place and
decided to get an iced coffee since we were so hot
from packing the car.  He had them put some 
flavoring in the coffee and it smelled delicious!

I took a sip and I was hooked.

So a few times this summer I drove through the 
fast food place and got the iced coffee and loved
it.  But, my family had to be honest with me, I
had a problem.  Did I mention that I have been
caffeine free for over a decade (except for any
caffeine that is found in chocolate)?  Yeah, it seems
caffeine just is not good for me.  I start talking a
mile a minute, I start coming up with all these
fabulous plans and my family just looks at me
like, "who is she"?

So now I make my own decaf coffee and pour 
it over ice and add a flavored creamer and it's
really good.  

Except for the ice...

We have started using the ice maker again 
because we are going through a lot of ice.

And that is no bueno for my puppy dog. 
I try to get her outside when I'm getting 
ice out of the bin so she can't hear it.  Or 
I'll very quietly put in piece by piece into 
the glass but she knows...  can she smell 
it?  But the worst part is when the ice 
maker decides it needs to add more ice 
to the bin.  When the ice falls in, Mia 
freezes and then looks at us and

then skulks away, looking something 
like this.  She heads upstairs and hides behind 
the bed.  We call the noise "Ghostie" because 
that is what we imagine she must think, that
there is a little ghost inside the freezer, throwing
ice cubes around.  

Poor Puppy.

And don't even ask about windy days that may
make the curtains move or thunderstorms.


  1. Too funny. My granddog loves the ice maker. She comes running hoping to get one that falls on the floor, but she's picky and wants the larger pieces. No crushed ice for her. Your dog is beautiful.

    1. Oh BillieBee, That is funny. I have had dogs in the past who loved ice but not my sweet Mia...
      ~ Ellen