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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Journey Begins

The Second Time Around Tour

It has been four years since our first trip around 
the world, The Last Hurrah Tour.  I guess in those
years we decided it was not the Last Hurrah because
here we go again.  The two pair of siblings have set
out to circumnavigate the globe again in the Second
Time Around Tour.  After a busy few months of work,
planning, graduation, wrapping up our lives so we 
could go off for a few months and driving halfway
across the country on the same day you have watched 
your child graduate from college (yup, we're nuts), it 
was finally time to hit the road.  Our first stop was
London, though it was only a short layover at Heathrow.
But we did have time for a cuppa.

And then it was on to Prague.  We think of this
stop as a bit of a homecoming for us.  Our Grandfather
left Czechoslovakia when he came to the United States
as a young man.  We believe he left from Brataslava 
which is now in Slovakia but at the time he left it was
still Czechoslovakia and we embrace this country as
part of our heritage.

We have rented an apartment and this is the view from
our street looking toward the Charles Bridge.

It was a bit rainy and overcast but we were ready 
to explore.  Prague is a beautiful city, it was not 
damaged during World War II, a rarity since so 
many European cities were bombed into rubble.
Since the city survived, it means we can enjoy the 
beautiful Baroque, Rococo and Art Nouveau 

I kept getting separated from the group because I was
always lagging behind taking photos.  There were so
many little treasures to discover.

I love the colors and textures all around me.
So many things to inspire my creative spirit.

Look at the colors in this piece.

In every doorway, above every window is a new
delight to be discovered.

Another great use of color, it is so nice to see
the vibrantly colored buildings.  I tire of seeing
the limestone buildings that have turned an ugly 
black due to pollution in so many European cities.

This is the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town
Square.  You can watch the twelve apostles appear
every hour ~ I look forward to it.

I peeked into a doorway...

...and found this beautiful mosaic ceiling.

Then it was time to go down a lonely alley to 
find a little cafe off the tourist path and have
a lovely little dinner.

We were all fading fast after dinner and headed
toward home but stopped to take a stroll across
the Charles Bridge.

And a peek at the castle we will explore tomorrow.
Then it was time to head home and crash.
A great first day.


  1. Welcome to Europe and have a nice and inspiring time over here! Stay save and greetings from Regina

  2. Love the pictures and commentary! Thanks for sharing. After all if I can't go myself right now, I love 'tagging' along!