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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The DNA Surprise!

Photo from Google Photos

Just this week we got our family's DNA test 
results.  Last Summer my late sister Trishie 
and I went to a presentation at our local library
about DNA testing.  The lecturer said it would 
be best if our brother was the one to take the
test.  After consulting with Lynne, our family
geneologist, we decided to use the FamilyTree
DNA test.  Oh, how I wish Trishie were here to
see what we learned.

Well, we are obviously very European - 98% which was
not a surprise.  It was a bit of a surprise to see we are
mostly Scandinavian but not a total surprise.  We already
knew through a DNA test of a male cousin on our Irish
side that we had Viking blood.  I was quite surprised to 
see that we were more Scandinavian than anything else.
I have always been attracted to the folk art and culture
of Scandinavia but I thought that was from living with
my Norwegian roommate Heidi while in college.  I must
say, I fully embrace my Scandinavian roots and I'm ready
to join the Sons of Norway!

But here is the surprise that blew us away ~ we are 2%
Middle Eastern ~ whaaattt????
The results said some of our ancient ancestors would 
have come from the area of Turkey.  Turkey!  I was 
thrilled! It made me think back to my first trip to Turkey
which was 5 years ago this Spring.  I was flying to Istanbul
from Amsterdam and as I was walking to the boarding area
Mr. Wonderful was quite a ways behind me and it looked 
like I was traveling alone.  As I approached the line I noticed 
3 people at the end of the line that looked very Turkish and
I don't mean just physically, they were not in western dress. 
Now I don't mean they were in burkas and head scarves but 
they had clothing that was rather folk-like, almost with a
bit of a peasant look to it.  There was a man and two women
and when the man spotted me, he opened his arms in a 
gesture that would only be read as, "Come, welcome sister!"
The women turned to me and they all started talking to me
in Turkish!  I explained in English that I didn't speak Turkish
and three jaws dropped, they couldn't believe it.  But with 
typical Turkish hospitality, they welcomed me anyway.  Once
I got to Istanbul I realized, I fit right in here.  In fact as I was
spending the day in the park with the lawyer Ahmet, I said to
him, I could pass for Turkish, the dark hair, the dark eyes.
He agreed.
One night I was riding the funicular or as they call it the
Mountain Tram and an elderly woman and a man who 
was probably her son boarded.  Mr. Wonderful got up to 
give the lady his seat and since the man was older than me
I got up so he could sit.  He insisted I take the seat and the
woman and I smiled and giggled to each other and she held
my hand all the way up the mountain.  Again..."welcome
daughter".  It is a small world, embrace it!

And Heidi, notice on the map above, the Scandinavian area
that we are most likely from is in Norway!  Hei sister!


  1. WOW that's really surprising! We are all mixed up, no one can say I am a "pure" German or Dutch or pure Irish! But Norway is a marvellous country, be proud of it! From Kiel there goes a ferry everyday to Oslo so we made a trip to the country!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Regina, one day I hope to take that ferry ride! 💗

  2. It is not that suprinsing ;-) Here is a map in which you can see from where the DNA from people arround europe comes. The all have DNA parts of E3b(Greek, near eastern): http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-XN37rqUKLVc/VVkNZES8yoI/AAAAAAAAkA0/2HSmzNgwHYA/s1600/genetischeeuropakarte.png
    Did you know that the native americans are quite close realted to europeans. They descend from eurasian people who migrated first to america and later to europe. Genealogie is such a fascinating science!

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