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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Civil War Remembered ~ Block 48

West Virginia

We are quilting along with Barbara
Brackman's 2011 Civil War Quilt.

Fabric Requirements:

Fabric A: Fussy Cut
1 - 4 1/2" square

Fabric B: Gold
4 - 3 1/4" squares - Mark
a diagonal line on back.

Fabric C: Blue
4 - 3 1/4" squares - Mark
a diagonal line on back.

Fabric D: Cream
4 - 3 1/4" squares

Make Half Square Triangles:

Pair 3 1/4" squares, right sides
together, in the following combinations:

2 - C/B     2 - B/D     2 - C/D

Sew 1/4" away from each side of drawn
line, cut on drawn line and press:

C/B to the Fabric C
B/D to the Fabric B
C/D to the Fabric D

Square to 2 1/2" .
Thank you Regina!

Make Outer Center Units:

Layout Half Square Triangles as shown
and sew together as shown.  Press seams
open to reduce bulk.

Layout units as shown and sew together
in 3 rows.  Press seams in rows 1 and 3
to the left and seams in row 2 to the right.

Sew rows together and press final seams
open to reduce bulk.  Square to 8 1/2".

Here is another one I made, I
like this one better.


  1. Both are ery nice. Like the way you constructed the block.

  2. Hello, I caught up at least!! # 48 is ready!! But I missed the trimming measurement for the half square triangles??? I had to rip up because I forgot it....
    But now everything is fine, thank you once more!!
    Till next week!!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I knew you would figure out a better way to make this block. Yours is lovely!

  4. Beautiful....going to try both and will follow your blog. Thank you