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Monday, November 28, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Antiquing in Small Towns

To kick off the Christmas shopping season
here in America, Saturday was called Small
Business Saturday.  People were encouraged
to get out of the shopping malls and support
the local merchants.  I decided to make it
Small Business Weekend.

I love driving through the countryside,
looking for interesting things.  I may be
a city girl but this country life I now live
has captured me!

Wherever I am in the world, I love to
visit small towns and villages.  Sadly,
in America, we are losing many of our
small, downtown, Main Street shopping
districts to the mega malls.  So, when I
find a thriving downtown, I feel it is my
civic duty to support them.

And I head to the local antique stores.
I'm not talking about the fancy places,
with everything washed up and put in
glass cases, that bores me.  I want an
old junk shop where I can rummage
around and poke through old bins to find
something that will be a treasure to me.

Her's a look at what I found this weekend:

A few old wooden spools, now relics
from a time when there were mills
all over this country.  My other
obsession after all is fabric, so I guess
that's why they appeal to me.

A beautiful old piece of English
ironstone, no lid ~ no worries, I
still love it and for 50 cents, who
could complain?

Another piece to add to the
blue & white collection.

A beautiful set of candlesticks marked
Handmade - Shirley Pewter.  I visit their
shop whenever I'm in Williamsburg, VA.

A sweet little silhouette.

Buttons ~ I can't resist them, I have
tons but always need more...

And what may be my new collection.
Amethyst Glass Bottles.
They turn this color by exposure to
sunlight, I thought it was because they
were buried in soil, but my bottle guy
set me straight on that.  I know they
aren't that old and I know they may be
 faked to look old but I do love the color...

Get out there and explore the
small towns near you.

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  1. wow weee you got some lovely treasures there...I am holding out for when we move to a location where there is many small towns so I can treasure hunt more,cheers Vickie