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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Circle of Friends Quilt

Civil War Remembered 2011

This is a group quilt made for
Barbara Brackman in appreciation
of her Civil War Block of the Week
featuring a weekly history lesson
and quilt pattern.

Last January Barbara Brackman
started a blog and would post a new
block each week on Saturdays at 7am.

Dustin started a Flickr site so we could
all share our progress.  After we all consulted
tech support (the youngsters in our lives) to
find out how to add photos, the circle of
friends started.  Each week we would share
our progress, our photos and our lives.

Becky came up with the idea to make a group
quilt as a thank you for Barbara.  Quilters from
Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia,
the Netherlands, Portugal and 19 states in the
USA participated.  The most popular name among
the participants was... Barbara ~ there were 4 of
them.  The Barbara Frietchie Star, Indiana Puzzle,
Log Cabin & Lincoln's Platform were the most
popular blocks ~ they each appear 3 times.

The quilt was assembled by Becky Brown and
quilted by Deb Jacobs.  We just found out from
Barbara that the quilt is being photographed to
be included in the companion book to the series.

My block is the 4th row down, 3rd from the left.
It has navy corners with a white pinwheel in the
center.  My quilt that I will make from my blocks
will be especially significant to me since I made
mine all around the world this year.  I can remember
arriving in Cairo on a night flight and while everyone
went for dinner I was hand stitching my block all
alone in my hotel room listening to the sounds
from the street of a country that had just gone
through a revolution.  What memories!

I have taken what I call my "Brackman
Bag" with me all around the world.  It is
filled with some fabric and supplies and I
have been able to finish my block each week.
Surprisingly, I have never been questioned
by a customs official about the rotary cutter.
Any quilter knows that could be a lethal weapon!

I want to say to my Civil War Family, this
quilt has "stitched" us together as friends.


  1. Hi, Ellen, what a lovely post, you are speaking from my heart!! It was a wonderful year and this quilt for Barbara is so beautiful! And I am proud to be a part of the "Civil War Family" as you said above!
    Happy Stitching in 2012!!

  2. What a lovely post about our Block of the Week project with Barbara Brackman and the Circle of Friends quilt made for her. It has been an amazing year of sharing our blocks and friendship. I'm honored to be included in that Circle. Much happiness to you in the coming New Year.

  3. What a beautiful quilt. I have not posted on flicker, but have been sewing along each week. I am making a King size for one of my grandchildren, and so have made several extras. I will be thrilled to get it completed when the final block comes out on Saturday.

  4. A lovely post of the quilt. I was to late to be part of the block making for it but I love it anyway.
    I wish you a Happy new sewing year.

    Karinkajsa at Flickr

  5. A wonderful post Ellen! It was very kewl following your blog during your travels earlier this year. I am honored to be a part of our Circle of Friends. Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Jo

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for your weekly posts which I usually waited for before beginning the new block. Have to admit that there were several weeks that I wished you were not traveling! I'll be watching for the post of your finished quilt.