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Friday, December 2, 2011

Present Perfect: A New Treasure

A New, Old Sewing Machine

When our Thanksgiving houseguests drove
out from the east, they brought along a perfect
present for me ~ an old sewing machine. 
I ADORE old sewing machines.  I like the look of
them but especially, I love to think of the history
of each machine.  I think back to a time when women
would finish their household chores and in the evening
would open up their machines and sew clothing and
quilts.  What a better way to spend an evening than
the present day act of lounging on the couch in front
of tv.  Most women sewed out of necessity, the budgets
were tight and if you had the skills you could make
clothes for yourself and the kids.  I have known women
in my life who were always the most stylishly dressed
and few people knew all of their clothes were homemade.
They would visit fancy dress shops, try on the dresses,
figure out what looked good on them and go home and
make it themselves.  Good for them!
And then, there were the quilts.  Of course, a subject
near and dear to me.  From quilt historians we now know
that many of the old quilts were not made from scraps
of old clothing but many were planned projects with the
fabrics purchased for that particular project.  Quilting
was an art form for many women, as it still is today.

This machine is in its own table which
folds up neatly when not in use.

It came with the attachments and the
instruction booklet, so hopefully I'll be
able to figure out how to use all those gizmos.

It also came with the sweetest little chair
 that is just the right height for the cabinet.

The seat of the chair opens up to
provide more storage.

Love it!


  1. What an excellent hostess gift! Congratulations on your brand new vintage machine!

  2. Beautiful! What a treasured gift!