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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cafe Heidelberg

Mr. Wonderful and I work too much...
So, since we are now all by ourselves since
school has started we try to get up and out
on Saturday mornings and then have lunch
somewhere interesting.
Today we tried Cafe Heidelberg on the
east side of Indianapolis.  I had heard
of this place for years but this was my
first visit.  This is the Curry Wurst.
Not too long ago, Wonderful & I traveled
along the Danube from Budapest to Munich
and realized we have an obsession of the
"wurst" kind.  We lead a largely vegetarian
life but every once and again...  we indulge.
The cafe is also a bakery.
After seeing all those luscious confections
I admit to being a bit stressed...
...so we had something FILLED
with Bavarian Creme,
and Plum Struesel since it is plum season.
And then I slept all the way home in the car...


  1. Yummy things, real "lecker"!!! And the first cake is called "Bienenstich" means "bee sting" over here!!

  2. Plum Kucken is my favorite, I travel to Germany a lot and this brings back many memories.