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Monday, September 24, 2012

Hamilton Street History

In my hometown in New Jersey, Hamilton
Street has a lot of history in my life.  My family
has been living on Hamilton Street for at least
90 years.  My Mum was born in a house on
Hamilton Street.  My Mum and Dad lived across
the street from each other and ended up getting
married after WWII.  I still have family living on
the street.
I went to school for 8 years just around the corner
from Hamilton Street and many days after school
I would walk around the corner with my girlfriends
after school to visit the Telephone company.  We
would ask the telephone repairmen for telephone
wire which was a wire covered in a plastic coating
in a variety of colors.  We would twist them and curl
them and create rings with the wires and then
exchange them with each other.  Yes, the crafty
thing has been part of my life forever...
I am visiting my hometown and last Saturday I
went to the Grand Opening party of the Hamilton
Stage for the Performing Arts.  Coincidentally, the
Hamilton Stage is located in the same building that
used to house the Telephone Company.
Hamilton Stage has a performance area, rehearsal
room and a multipurpose room that would be perfect
for corporate meetings.
Saturday night was the kick-off of the space
and the end result of a lot of work and planning
by many people.  It was a time for people to relax
and enjoy themselves.
Hamilton Stage is just one part of the
Arts District of Rahway, NJ.
Support the Arts in your community.

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