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Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Joyous Spring!

I was in Bloomington, Indiana yesterday in the 
more southern part of the state and was thrilled
to see all the daffodils in bloom.  I guess my daffs
loved the warm weather of the weekend because
this is what I woke up to today!  Finally ~ color~
it has been such a cold, grey winter.  By this 
evening, many of these blooms will be beside my
 bed so I can wake up and see them first thing in
the morning.

Even though it was windy and overcast today,
I was loving the warm weather so I headed out
to do some pruning.  As often happens, that lead
to other chores...

In the perennial beds I have been having
trouble with invasive grasses.  I weed a few
times a season to make the beds presentable
but that is not solving the problem.

So today I started tackling this problem.
I dig out the soil in large clumps and then
screen it, trying to get all the grasses with
their roots.

Sadly, I will lose my grape hyacinth bulbs
that have been in these beds for probably
15 years...  There are also other bulbs of
something in the onion family and they have
to go!  I do plan to replace the grape hyacinths
next fall because I love their scent!

Now back to work!

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