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Friday, April 5, 2013

Primrose Lane

Many years ago when I had two 1 year olds,
Mr. Wonderful & I moved into our American
Homestead.  We bought our house on Sept. 1st
and through the winter months I started planning
the gardens.  At that time I was going for an
English Cottage Garden style but no matter how
hard I tried, an English garden just didn't want
to live in a Midwestern Prairie landscape...
That first summer I bought a flat of primroses
at Frank's.  (I miss Frank's Nursery & Crafts)
I planted and divided those primroses for many
years until I finally gave up on the cottage garden
in the front gardens and went with an evergreen
I wish I had transplanted them to the back gardens,
but at the time I just had so much work to do with
the landscaping that I didn't think of it. 
The back gardens are much more colorful, with a
butterfly garden and perennial beds.  So, today
since it was so nice I stopped by the garden center
and picked up a few primroses.  I think they will
go beneath the fairy roses in the pond garden.
The garden dreams are never ending...

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  1. Oh my! Gorgeous backyard! If I were a butterfly I'd want to live there!