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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

A clean slate.  That is something I love about the
New Year.  It is a chance to begin again, to dream
new dreams, to explore new shores and to make new
memories.  For me, it is also a time to cast aside the
things that aren't working, with no regret.  I think it
is always better to try something and realize you did
not like it, rather than to never try anything new.
For me this will be a very busy year.  My first book
will be released in March, my business continues to
grow and I will set aside time to explore new
I'm not one for resolutions because most of us don't
keep them.  I've been seeing a thing on the internet
lately about picking one word for the new year.  Oh,
how limiting!  One word?  A thousand words would
not be enough for me to describe all I want to do and
learn and see.
My best wishes to you for a healthy and happy New Year!
May you find, peace, excitement and joy.

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