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Monday, January 20, 2014

Setting Goals, Meeting Goals

I have so much going on in my life these days
that I find I have to make lists to remind myself
of all the things I have to do.  Then I break those 
lists down and try to figure out when I am going
to accomplish all of the tasks at hand.  This 
weekend my goal was to make these 3 felt table-
toppers.  They have been made before in the same
colors for the pattern covers but I need them for
trunk shows and trade shows.  I knew it was going
to be cold and snowy this weekend so I set 3 days
aside to accomplish this task.  I sat in front of the
fire and watched the new season of Lilyhammer
among other things and by early last night I was
finished!  They are ready to go out into the world.

I'm heading to Spain for a few weeks later this
month and though it is vacation, I am the type
of person that is incapable of sitting and doing
nothing.  So,  last month I had packed up my
 little travel kits to take with me.  It is a baggie
with the felt pieces and a little picture of a
finished piece (so I know the right place to put
the right stitches) and also my ring of floss, pins
and needles and a thread cutter.  I make up a lot
of these kits and stuff them in the front pocket
of my carry-on and pull them out as needed.
I've stitched on planes, trains, in cars and when
I have some time in the evenings and I want to
relax.  I'm sure I'll be stitching on my balcony
in Spain where if I look to the left I see the
mountains and if I look to the right I see the

While the kids were home for Christmas the 
weather was awful and we ended up spending
a lot of time hanging around watching movies
and I was stitching.  I ended up making all the 
kits I had prepped for Spain!  I made 35 new
Now I have to add to the list:  make new kits.

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