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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well, it has been a very exciting week around
my American Homestead!  On St, Patrick's Day
my first book was released and on Saturday I
gave my first lecture about it.

The lecture was about how I became a quilt and
craft pattern designer including all the influences
I have had in my life that brought me here and
of course it was the story of my first book and a
trunk show of the quilts.  It was so wonderful to
have had the chance to debut my book while
 being surrounded by so many of my friends.
And it was extra special since my daughter Katie
Rose was home for Spring Break and she could
share the day with me.

Afterwards, I signed books in The Quilt Shoppe's
booth and I'm happy to say we sold out of the 
first shipment.

Images courtesy of Silva Photography.

My friend Irene Silva of Silva Photography
captured these sweet images of people reading 
my book.  I'm so happy she did this because I
didn't get to see this since I was signing books.

What is so special about this is, this is exactly
what I envisioned as I was planning and 
designing this book.  I wanted more than just
the quilts and patterns.  I wanted people to be
able to enjoy beautiful photos that gave a feel
of each of the homesteads where these quilts
live.  Each quilt design has a photo of the house,
a landscape shot showing a scene from the area
where the house is located and a still life showing
decor or collectibles that would be in the house.
And then of course, there are all of the beautiful 
photos of the quilts.  Most of the landscape and
still life photos are mine, I took them in my garden,
on my travels, at Mounds Park, in my hometown.
The photo of the 2 kids in colonial costume for the
Colonial Saltbox quilt is of my kids, Katie Rose and
Brennan, in the costumes I made them when we
used to visit Colonial Williamsburg for our Spring
Break every year.

And then a few nights ago, a friend of mine sent me
a message on facebook with this link:

A review of my book!  How very exciting!

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