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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Filling the House with Blooms

On Sunday we made a stop at Trader Joe's and
they had little bundles of still closed daffodils.  I 
couldn't leave them, they looked so sad, like they
needed someone to take them home and help them
come to life.  When I got home I trimmed the ends
and put them in a pretty little moonstone hobnail
vase and today, a few days later, I woke up to this
sunny vision of Spring!

We also woke up to this ~ yep, another snow
storm (please, please, please let it be the last
of this season).

To get through the awful winter we have had
this year, I try to keep the house filled with the
happiness of blooms.  This is the beautiful plant
my publishing company sent to me on the day I
first saw my book.  It also was the day before I
was leaving for 2 weeks in Spain so I took it over 
to Gam and Trishie's house so they could enjoy the 
beauty.  Trish took such good care of it while I was
 away and she brought it back to my house when I 
returned.  It is still going strong and I hope to plant
it outside once it warms up.

One day last week Mr. Wonderful came home
with these beauties.  He said he knew I'd love
the color.  These flowers are Alstroemeria, also
know as Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas.  We
buy them all the time at the grocery store.  I 
have often heard people ridicule them since they 
are available from the grocery store.

I hope I never become so jaded that I 
could ridicule something as beautiful
as this.

Mr. Wonderful is off today and I woke up 
with the feeling that it was a good day for
antiquing.  Yesterday I spoke with my editor 
for my second book and we both thought 
things were moving along well so I was going
to give myself a day off (gasp!).  Sadly, Mr.
Wonderful is getting a cold and feeling a bit
punky, so we will be sitting by the fire and 
slurping some hot and sour soup ~ maybe
I'll order some seeds today.

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  1. Ellen, I so enjoy your posts. Hope Mr. Wonderful gets better soon. I love your flowers and I love those "grocery store" blooms!!! I love your vase and the little plate behind it in the picture! Perhaps some day we can "share" our stuff either here or there!! I know you're saving your USA travels for later, but we might become road trippers soon. We are hoping to purchase an RV. I really want to travel around the USA. We'll be sure to include Indiana. Stay warm.