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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pump Up the Patterns

As a pattern designer for the Quilt/Craft industry, 
I design for all skill levels.  My felt patterns with
 embroidery use about five common embroidery
 stitches.  I want my patterns to appeal to all age 
and skill levels.  That said, if you happen to be a 
person that likes to put your own spin on a piece,
 I say go for it!  That's what I would do!

Recently I heard from Lee from Two Thimbles
Quilt Shop in Bellingham, WA.  Lee's shop was
hosting a class to teach my felt ornament patterns.
 The shop has a talented stitcher, Suz, who put her own
spin on my patterns, she changed sizes, tried new
embroidery stitches and added buttons and beads.
They were beautiful.

Look at this gorgeous present, it is better 
than candy or cookies (and less fattening).
I would love to get a present like this.  Imagine
this gift for a grown child celebrating their first
Christmas in their own apartment or for a couple
that has just married and are celebrating their
first Christmas as a married couple.  I can also
imagine making these ornaments for one's
grandkids each year so by the time they leave
home they have their own collection of ornaments
and what a great memory of their Grandma in the

This is a photo taken of the class, so many
busy hands creating art.  Someone is using one
of the felt ornaments to embellish a stocking.
I wish I could be there to join in the fun.

Now let's zoom in on the photo from above and a
confession from me.  I spotted that tabletopper in
the photo and thought WOW, that is fabulous, I
wonder who designed that, hmmm, it looks so 
familiar.  That's when it hit me ~ I designed it!
It is my Grand Isle pattern made with a combo
of batik fabric and felt.  Love it!

And here is a photo sent to me from Little
Scrap Quilt Shop in Kokomo, IN ~ they used
my Petaluma pattern and made it from cotton
fabric and made it into a wallhanging.  Great idea!

Keep those creative juices flowing and keep
on stitchin'.


  1. These ornaments are so delightfully colorful and fresh! I think your idea for using them as a gift for a young couple is superb.

    1. Thanks Natalie! Do you know you are the person who taught me couching? ~ Ellen