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Saturday, May 31, 2014

An American Homestead: The Seiberling Mansion

Kokomo, Indiana

There is nothing I like more than spending the
day rambling around an old historic house.  Today
we traveled about an hour from our home to Kokomo,
Indiana to visit the Seiberling Mansion.

The house was built in 1890 for industrialist Monroe
Seiberling.  Seiberling came to Kokomo during the 
gas boom and the house was built at a cost of $50,000,
a fortune at that time.   The style is a combination of 
Neo Jacobean (Queen Anne), Romanesque Revival and 
it is striking.  

The foyer has beautiful wood carvings and a 
lovely staircase.  There are windows made of
opalescent glass and you can see holes in many
of the mirrors from vandals of the past shooting
BB guns at them.

The music room has an old pump organ and
at Christmas they have someone come in to 
play it.

An old victrola also in the music room.

I love the attention to detail in older homes, every
piece of hardware is decorative, even the door hinges
and this door bell.

The master bedroom is on the second floor in
the front of the house.  The windows are curved
glass, Mr. Seiberling owned a glass company and
they were specially made.  It is a bright, nice sized
 room without being like the humongous master 
bedrooms of today's McMansions.

I love the idea of a bed warmer.

I am always intrigued by children's rooms.  I find the old 
toys and books to be so imaginative and fun.

I loved the old sled and the skooter made for ice,
I have never seen one of them before.

There are many rooms in the house including a lovely
dining room but the photos were too dark to show.  Since 
this is the home of the county historical society, many of
the rooms are given over to displays of history of the county.

Worth a visit!

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