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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mid-Century Atomic Snowflake

While I was out treasure hunting recently, I came
across this Mid-Century Meat Platter by Inland Glass.
I took a photo and sent it to Kate saying, "too bad you 
are a vegetarian, this would have been perfect for you."
She asked, "would I have to use it for meat?"  I figured,
no, you could serve anything on it so I got it for her.
This is not just a perfect find because she likes this sort
of style but also if you notice the edging is in black and
gold and Kate is a proud Purdue graduate and those
Boilmakers are wild about their school colors.  This
pattern is known as the Atomic Snowflake which I
find wildly amusing.  It is so Mid-Century.  I'm (luckily)
too young to have had A Bomb drills in my childhood
classrooms, we only had firedrills.  But I remember my
siblings talking about air raid drills where they were 
told to get under their desks.  Ah ~ the good old days!

It also came with a stand so you could keep your
dinner warm with candles under the platter.  I guess
it's good Kate is a vegetarian since our modern tea 
light candles don't fit...

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