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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Silver Haul!

It's that time of year when the garage sales start up and 
I'm always ready to go treasure hunting.  A church near 
my house was having a rummage sale and I stopped in to
look around.  I saw this bag of silverware marked $5.

The first thing I noticed was this server that was
sitting on top of all the other items.  I thought the
rest of the bag was probably filled with assorted
forks, knives and spoons but I was interested in the
server.  In an antique store this item alone would 
probably cost at least $15 so I figured $5 was a 
good deal.

When I got to the car I looked in the bag and laughed.
I guess someone else likes butter knives as much as
I do!  I use butter knives often and not just for butter,
when I serve triple cream brie or other soft cheeses
or dips, I like to give each person their own knife.
When I was a little girl I always liked to use the butter
knife from my Mum's silver set ~ it just made the meal
more special.

While watching a movie this afternoon I got them all
polished and looking beautiful.

They are mostly silverplate but I did find some 
sterling.  There are even a few that match
 ~ not that that matters...

I love the little shields on this set of 6, perhaps I
should have them engraved with our initial.

These two will go to someone I know with the
initial B.

There was even one M ~ made just for us!

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