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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cookie Press

For as long as I can remember we have
made Swedish Spritz cookies for Christmas.
You need a cookie press to make them.
I think I was always so fascinated by them
because you could make so many shapes.
I assumed everyone had a cookie press and
made these wonderful cookies.  I remember
when I was in high school, I would bring them
to parties at Christmas.  People thought they
were the Italian cookies from the bakery and
when I told them I made them, they would
look at me in wonder.

I can still remember when I was in grammar
school and went to my friend Terry's house
and her Mom made these cookies by using the
star tip and making them into long straws.
I couldn't wait to get home and try that
myself.  I'm still making them this way...
Whenever I see an old cookie press at
an antique store or yard sale I buy it.
I have tried the new types but they just
aren't as good.
Today I made a batch of Spritz for this year.
Just remember you can't eat them the first
day or they taste like flour, the flavor has
to develop, give it 24 hours.  I look forward
to tomorrow!


  1. I grew up thinking everyone must have a cookie press and love Spritz cookies! And you are definitely right... the new cookie presses just aren't as good...

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh you are so right ... even the ones that I bought about 20 years ago when I first got married is better than the one I bought a couple of years ago.