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Monday, December 10, 2012

Okay, This Is Thrilling!

This came in the mail today.
When the return address label reads,
Barbara Brackman, the famous quilt
historian, a bit of a zing goes up the spine...
When I was at Quilt Market in October I
had a chance to look through the galleys
so I knew it was good.  It felt like I was
looking through a scrapbook (no pun intended)
of old friends and good times.  Quilters
from all over the world participated in a
block of the week.  We all learned about
Civil War history and quilting and many
friendships were forged all around the globe.
And two of my blocks were selected
to be part of the book ~ yeah!
Rosebud ~ page 32
Railroad Crossing ~ page 76
A group of us sent blocks to Becky
and a sampler quilt was made as a
gift to Barbara as a token of thanks.
(My block is the 4th row down,
the 3rd from the left, with a white
pinwheel in the center.)
I made the blocks and blogged about
them every Sunday for all of 2011.
Even as I was traveling the world I
carried what I called the Brackman Bag
filled with fabric, thread & needle, a
small ruler, rotary cutter and mat.  I
hand sewed these blocks in some pretty
remote spots around the globe.  I wish
I was doing that good a job with this
year's Grandmother's Choice BOW, but
I will catch up~ life can get a bit busy...
So go out and get your copy of the
Civil War Sampler ~ I'm sure you
will enjoy it.


  1. So exciting! I made the quilt, and I took it to be quilted months ago....still waiting. You must beso proud. I love your blog, and I am a faithful reader.

    1. Thanks Jean! When you get the quilt back please send me a photo.

  2. I know how excited you must be ... I'm anxious to see a copy of it too! I've got three blocks in the book - Barbara Fritchie Star, Catch Me If You Can and Comfort Quilt. One of them was part of the preview section on Amazon.com - so I could see it. But I haven't seen the other two. I thought the book wasn't going to be out 'til 1/16 ... that's the date that Amazon lists.

  3. Hey Amy,
    You are on page 12, 14 and 50. Nice blocks. I'll go check-out Amazon. ~ Ellen

  4. Woo Hoo ... My book was in the mailbox! How awesome!

  5. My book came today, too. (Ginny on p. 69)

  6. My book came today as well! Amy, mine is the other Barbara Fritchie Star on page 12! Also Louisiana done in Poison greens on page 28 and Grapes of Wrath on page 42.
    Very nice Ellen! I had the same zing go up my spine and then couldn't get the package opened fast enough. It's a wonderful book! Plan to order another! Jo

  7. Okay, so who is doing Grandmother's Choice? I'm trying but I am behind 2 weeks...

  8. How thrilling to have your blocks used in Barbara's book! This was such a fun project. Did your heart race a bit when you saw how she signed it? Mine sure did. LOL

  9. Absolutely Ann, this was very exciting!