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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have a scarf problem.

This is this season's scarf of choice for me.
In the course of 1 minute today, 2 separate 
strangers approached me to tell me how 
beautiful my scarf was and wanting to know
where I got it...
There's the problem, I don't know.

I was just having this conversation with
my girlfriends recently.  They loved the scarf
and wanted to know in what part of the world I
picked it up.  I had to tell them, you know you
have a scarf addiction when you have a scarf this
beautiful and you have no idea where it came from.

I buy scarves like other people buy postcards.
I have never liked typical souvenirs, I always
buy things I will use all the time.  Scarves. dishes
shoes and a great purse I bought years ago in
Madrid and I use it more than any other purse I
own and it still looks great.

I have shelves filled with scarves in all my closets,
they are stuffed into boxes and drawers...

On the hanger of every jacket or coat I own, 
there are probably 4 to 5 scarves wrapped 
about the top.

See that white silk floral in the photo above?
While staying in Istanbul our hotel room had a
 little table that Mr. Wonderful & I wanted to sit 
at in the evenings to look out at the view of the
Hagia Sophia.  Unfortunately the table had a 
faux wood formica top that I couldn't stand.  
So, I went to the little shop on the corner and
bought this little silk scarf and it was our 
tablecloth during our stay ~ now I wear it.

Scarves are the traveler's friend, they are 
small and easy to carry and have so many uses.
I have dressed up black jeans and a plain black tee
with a scarf and dined at very elegant restaurants.
They have become tablecloths for a picnic, they
can become a blanket or pillow on planes or they
can make a plain hotel room look a bit more like home.

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