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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spice Market

Thank You Mr. Wonderful

In our American Homestead, we cook ~ a lot.
And when we cook we like to spice it up.  When 
we travel we find dishes we like and then buy
spices in the local markets so we can recreate
the dishes at home.  All of this is great, except
where do you put everything?  We had a "spice
cabinet" that had a few lazy susans but it would
take so long to find everything it was not efficient.

I made a little sketch of a simple spice rack
that would fit perfectly on an unused wall 
of my kitchen and my Wonderful built it for
me.  Then it sat empty for over a year while 
I searched for the right containers.  I could
have gone with tins but didn't like the look 
of them, jars needed to have a large enough
opening to fit a tablespoon measure inside.
Finally I found just what I wanted and then
the label problem came up.  I wanted to be 
able to make my own and they had to be
coated so they could be wiped off...

I'm happy to report that problem was solved
and I have been filling up spice jars in the 
evenings as I watch tv.  And now it is done!
The jars are in alphabetical order, I can easily
see when I'm out of something.  If you look 
above, I need to get some chili powder.
There is another thing to scratch off the "to
do" list ~ yeah! Looking at it makes me happy.
Now to cook...


  1. So getting my hubby doing this ASAP. Already ordered. I laugh at my lazy Susan's. Baskets. Cupboards. Pull outs. Spices everywhere. Oh and even in my larder!!! Also from everywhere. Thx for letting me copy you. He's designing it already. Under my cabinets on both sides of my stove! Can't wait to
    Buy matching jars. At ikea or Cost Plus World Market. How did you end up
    Doing the labels so they stick and are wipe able!