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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Morning

You can tell September has arrived.  We are
on the path to Autumn.  Last night before bed
we went outside with the pup and to look at the
night sky and the air was deliciously crisp.  We
came in and opened the windows, knowing we
would enjoy the coolness in the morning when
we woke up.  Snuggling under the covers on a
cool morning is one of life's simple pleasures
that I don't want to miss.
We both have much to accomplish today so
we were up and headed for an early morning
hike.  There was a mist on the fields today.
And also on the river.
Look at the fabulous funghi we found.  I think
it would be a great shape for a serving bowl.
Out in nature we can still see new growth
along side the spent blooms.
As Summer fades we can have hope in the
seeds that will bloom in the Spring...

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