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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Turtle Hatchings in Mexico

It is funny how some of the best moments in
life can be the simple things you just stumble upon.
We were taking a pre-breakfast stroll along
the beach this morning and noticed a large
sea turtle nest conservation corral.  A worker
from the resort invited us to come in to
witness the dig of one of the nests.

People were digging in holes and bringing up
 the baby turtles and some eggs that haven't
yet hatched.
The eggs are soft and rather rubbery, not at
all like a chicken's egg.  The hatchlings are
so adorable that generally everyone present
was oohing and ahhing ~ it was a special moment.
Look at them all!  Tonight at 8pm they will be
released to the sea.  It is best when they go to
the sea at night since there is less chance of
predators in the dark.
The hatchling's flippers are constantly in motion, I
suppose it is instinctual to move to the sea.  The help
from conservation groups hopefully will allow many
of these babies to reach maturity.  For the females that
survive, they may return to this same area in a few decades
to make their nests.  There is a little claw on their flippers
so they could move very quickly, even on our skin.
Best of luck Babies!
I think this may be the highlight of our trip!


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