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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Treasure Hunting

I can't help myself... I love shells.
I always have, from my days growing up with
our summers at the Jersey shore, to discovering
the shell rich shores of Florida's Gulf coast, to
searching for treasure in Europe and Asia. I am
a beachcomber ~ shells, driftwood, sea glass and
even some pieces of antique transferware china
that have been tossed about in the sea for decades.
Today I continued that tradition in Cancun, I am
thrilled to find a new variety, I get to talk to lots
of people who are interested in what I have found
and I get shells!
Those who know me, know I think you should
always have dinner by candlelight.  I brought
a glass jar and some votive candles to use in
our condo in Mexico, I thought I would fill it
with sand and push the votive into it.  But when
I started finding beautiful tiny shells in the water,
I thought, they would look better than sand.
The photo above shows my findings from today,
hopefully by the end of the week I will fill the jar!

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  1. I use to go to Jones Beach on Long Island in New York and love collecting shells, and then my parents moved to New Port Rickey, Florida and everyday I searched for shells.