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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Enjoy Being A Girl!

Last Spring I was visiting the beautiful city
of Gent in Belgium.

While walking along one of the streets
I came upon this sweet little shop.

It was decorated in a style many of us would
 like if we had a little room of our own.  Creamy
walls and soft pastel colors and lovely soft

The merchandise was just the kind of
things we girly girls love.  Sweet little
girl dresses, jewelry, linens, umbrellas
that seem to be more like parasols.
In the center in the bottom of the photo
are antique little boxes filled with jewelry.
I spotted a pair of earrings that I loved
and had to have them.
I was having lunch with a friend today and
I was wearing the earrings and I told the story
of being so happy in this little boutique.  It wasn't
merely that the shop and merchandise was pretty.
It was the experience that was lovely.
The packaging to take home was as nice
as the jewelry.  The earrings were placed
in tissue and then put in a simple fabric
bag then in a cellophane bag with their
 business card.  And 6 months later
I still have the wrapping and look at it
and enjoy the lovely memory.


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