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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Present Perfect: Handcarved Indian Woodblock

This is a present I gave myself and
I plan to give myself many more...
They are made for printing designs onto
fabric or paper.  I often see blocks like
this on my travels but I don't buy them
since I'm generally throwing my luggage
onto trains, boats, tuk-tuks, planes and
other assorted modes of transport and
I was afraid they would chip or break.
Since this trip I only had to get home
from Houston, I finally bought one!
And... it is a Paisley/Persian Pickle/Welsh
Pear design which is one of my favorite
design elements of all time.  I plan to print
it onto fabric and add additional embroidery.
And... these woodblocks are handcarved by
families in India and the income from the
blocks being sold in Europe and the USA 
has helped 40 families earn enough money
to get electricity in their homes and pay for
their children to attend school ~ and that
is a great thing!  Here is the link to where
you can purchase them:
I think this will become my new travel
project.  It will be something I do for me.
The presents multiply...

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  1. Thank you so much for the write up. Love it! =) It was great meeting you in Houston and being across the aisle from you.