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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Life in the Country

There are few things that make this
city girl happier than heading out
for a day in the country.

Hopping in the car with a snack
and my camera, NPR on the radio.

A country road trip to me means no
interstates, I don't even like state roads
anymore.  I want to be on a lonely
country road.

I love to be able to pull over and
take pictures of the old barns,

or animals that just happen to be
hanging out at the side of the road.

Today was a chilly but beautifully
sunny day, which just made the trip
even better.

This guy looks like he's talking
to me.

Piercings?  Kids these days...

I love the little awnings on this barn.

And I'm always happy to see the
county seats that kept the old
city halls, they are beautiful.

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