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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Orioles at Avalon!

This is one of those amazing things that happen 
in my life ~ little things that let me know I am
taking the right path.
Each summer I decide on a theme for the season,
things like the Summer of Pie or the Summer of Fun.
This year I am calling the Summer of Home.
Our kids will be home this summer, BB will be arrive
next weekend and KK leaves for Spain next week but 
will come home to spend the summer with us in June.
KK starts her Senior year next year and BB plans to 
be studying abroad so this may be the last summer
 we will all be together at home before they head out
to their own apartments and beyond.
The past two summers have flown by, I have done 
nothing but work and though it has all been very
exciting, I need a bit more balance in my life.  I want
to enjoy my home and my gardens and have time to
watch the birds in my yard.
Mr. Wonderful was headed out to the home improvement
store this afternoon and I asked him to pick up a few 
thistle feeders because we love our finches.  I then said
we should think about getting an Oriole feeder this year
because I'd love to be able to attract Orioles, which we 
have never seen in our yard in the 20 years we have
lived here.

I went up to the kitchen to get a photo of the
Irish Tea Bread I made today.

I spotted a Cardinal at the platform feeder in the
crab apple tree and had to take a picture.

As I was looking through the view finder of
the camera I saw a flash of orange and thought 
it must be a Robin.  Then I looked out into the 
back of the yard and saw the brilliant flash of
orange that belongs to a Baltimore Oriole.
At first I thought I was going a bit nuts since I
had just had the Oriole feeder conversation within
the last hour.  But no, it really was a Baltimore 
Oriole ~ in my yard!
The only other time I have ever seen an Oriole was
back in June of 1996.  I wrote it down in my birding 
book.  We had friends that lived about 30 minutes 
from us and Orioles spent the summer on their 

Mr. Oriole was thirsty and stopped for a 
drink in the birdbath by the lilac.

Someone is saying stop hogging the feeder
Mr. Cardinal!

There were five Baltimore Orioles all together
though I could only get three of them in the
picture at one time.
I called my sister and she could see them from 
her deck, after they flew into the woods, my sister
got her bird song book and we kept playing the
call for the Oriole and they would answer back.
It was so much fun!

I have definitely taken this as a sign that this 
Summer is perfect for the Summer of Home...


  1. Your pictures alway look wonderful. I learned to watch and enjoy birds from my dear grandmother so I always think of her when I see a special bird. Enjoy your summer with your family.

    1. Oh Donna, that's a nice way to remember your Grandmother.