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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Morning Sun

I love to walk around my garden in the 
early morning.  The dappled sunlight that
comes through the branches of the trees is
so soft and gentle and it makes the flowers
look especially beautiful.


I am determined to enjoy the little things
in life more this summer.  The past two
summers flew by in a blur and I don't want 
that to happen again.

I have crossed off a few major things on
the to do list.  Quilt Market has come and
gone and I sent in the first draft of my 
second book (a week early!).  I still have
projects and samples to make for the book
but I feel I'm on track with everything there.

So now I have time to breathe and well,
time to stop and smell the roses.  I look
forward to spending time with my family.
We meet up at 9 every night and spend a 
few hours together, I want to hang out with
my friends, I want to take field trips to nearby
places that I don't get a chance to visit because
I'm usually too busy.

I want to have time to notice the details,
like how those stamens are loaded with
pollen.  That plant will be a bee fest later

The peonies are beginning to burst.  I gathered
up a bundle to bring inside because they smell
so delicious.

This guy was saying, nope, too early, I'm
not ready to unfurl my petals, I'm still sleeping.

I arranged a vase of blooms to enjoy
inside.  Remember to have time to live!

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