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Monday, July 7, 2014

Building the Empire: Fun Book News

So I walked into a quilt shop on Saturday and I met a
quilter who has my book in her hand and she is buying 
fabric to make the Beach House quilt,  I walked a bit
 further into the shop and met another quilter who has
made the Colonial Saltbox quilt from my book, and she
only bought the book last week!
Oh yeah, that felt awesome...

When we compare the quilt to my quilt from 
the book we see this quilter has decided to use
only 3 fabrics.  In the original I used 8 different
cheddar fabrics in the center checkerboard area
and then used those fabrics in the corners as 
well.  I think it is great when quilters make a 
quilt their own.  I always tell students to 
remember this is their quilt and they can make
changes to suit their tastes.

This quilt design started when I bought this
roll of cheddars.  I knew I wanted to use all
of the fabrics in one quilt.  I had seen a game
board when I was visiting Colonial Williamsburg
and thought it would make a great quilt, so 
using these 2 things as inspiration, a new quilt
design was born.  This was the quilt I used
to show a sample chapter in my book proposal
and it was what shaped the idea for...

... my book, American Homestead Quilts.
The Colonial Saltbox quilt was the first 
quilt I made for the book and then I went
forward to design 8 other quilts inspired
by iconic American homes.

This is another version of the quilt using
a more scrappy style.  I think I may have
to make this one, I rather like it.

If you should spot my book out there in a
quilt shop, book store or library, please take
a picture and send it to me.  Or, if you or
someone you know has made one of the 
quilts, by all means, let me see it!  It is one
of the joys of being a designer to see how
someone else interprets your design!

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