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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy July 4th!

It is Independence Day here in the United States.
While the eastern edge of the country is dealing
with a hurricane, we in the Midwest are enjoying
perfect weather.  The sun is shining, a cool gentle
breeze is unfurling all the flags, it is the coolest 
July 4th I can remember in years, we are usually
scorched on this day.  

Katie Rose & I rode our bikes up to our town parade
today.  We used to be in the parade in our Girl Scout
and Cub Scout days, now we just watch.

The Boy Scouts lead the parade.

This reminds me of Mayberry.

Living in a small American town is
very much like Mayberry but my
town is even smaller than that.

But on July 4th the Main Street is filled
with people out to enjoy the parade.

Our small town has a devoted group
of volunteer firefighters.

It must be fun to ride in this but I  
hope they were straped in.

My friend Nancy is riding on this
John Deere tractor.

I love these guys but old guys in the hot
 sun doing synchronized formations on their 
motorized trikes make me a little nervous.

My friend Irene was riding with her 
motorcycle group.  I think she is having
a cookout for 40 people today, she is a 
woman who burns the candle at both ends...

I love this little car, maybe Mr. Wonderful 
and I will  one day have an American 
Homestead car.

Happy July 4th!

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  1. Have a very Happy Fourth with your family Ellen !!!