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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How Things Change...

Years ago, we were campers.

We found communing with nature, sleeping 
under the stars, cooking on the campfire to
be fun.  Well, except for the bathrooms.

Once we started staying in nice hotels on 
business trips and renting condos and 
apartments on trips overseas, my camping
days were over.  Marble bathtubs, down
pillows, jacuzzis and saunas in the bathrooms
were divine.  

I realized when you were the Mom, camping
was a whole lot of work.

Every Spring, the Sunday ads were filled
with the latest camping gear.  We bought 
so much stuff through the years that we had 
a shed filled with every camping item you
 could imagine.

Mr. Wonderful was about to send it all to
Goodwill this summer.  I said, hold on a bit 
longer, the kids may want to use it,  they 
are getting to the age when we first started
camping.  And lo and behold, a few weeks 
later Katie said she was going on a camping
trip, could she use our stuff?

Wonderful has a few vacation days that
he has to use by the end of August.  We
are spending a few weeks in Playa del
Carmen, Cozumel and Cancun in 
December and next summer we are planning
another BIG trip so I suggested we save 
money by taking a camping vacation next
month.  He said, you? camping?

Well, I'm thinking of it more as just cheap
accommodation.  I don't plan to hang out
at the campground all day, I have jam packed
plans for the days and figure we will just head
back at night and crash.

Last night before bed we went outside to look
at the stars and the temperature was in the
40's F.  Very odd for our summers, much more
like Fall.  Here is how our conversation went:

Me: Brrrr, it's cold.

Wonderful: Imagine if it is this cold when we 
are camping.

Me: Well....

Wonderful: So, we should look into hotels.

Me: But, we can cuddle up and throw on 
extra quilts.
Wait a minute!  Am I actually trying to 
convince you to go camping?
Ohhh, how times have changed....

One of our best vacations ever was back before
we were married.  We spent a few weeks in the
Canadian Maritimes, we camped the entire time.
It was fantastic, the scenery was beautiful, the 
people we met were lovely and we ate lobster
for at least one meal a day.  

Nowadays, you hear about glamping or glamorous
camping.  Well, we were doing that decades ago
except we called it Out of Africa camping.  We brought
our china (we actually had china just for camping) and
crystal and set up a beautiful campsite.

We drove to Maine from New Jersey, took the 
Bluenose ferry to Nova Scotia and then explored
all of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.  We 
would take these little ferries shown above to take
you across a little strip of water, but it could save 
you a hundred kilometers of driving.
It was unforgettable.  

So, if all goes well, we will be heading into 
western New York and up into Canada by 
way of Niagara Falls.  

Stay tuned and I'll let you know how the
camping goes...

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