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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hanging with the Sorority Sisters

Last weekend was the annual Halloween Donor's
Party at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  
Things have been pretty quiet around here for  the
past few weeks and I confess an hour before we 
were supposed to leave, I was still in my jammies.
I was thinking maybe I could just stay home, but 
the Sorority Girls were coming down from Purdue
to meet us and I wanted to see them.

I got myself together and we all met up for a
nice meal and a stroll through the museum.
When our kids were young, we always had a 
membership here and visited often.  It is now
so funny to go when the kids are all grown up.

The best part of the evening was hanging out
with these beautiful young ladies.  They are 
all so sweet and nice and smart!  They are 
studying aeronautical engineering, actuarial 
science, business and education.

We toured all the exhibits including the Haunted
House and ended the visit as we always do with a
ride on the carousel.

This is my favorite horse and I always
try to ride her.  She is decorated with 
my European Folk Art colors.

Thanks Purdue Girls for a delightful evening!

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