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Monday, October 20, 2014

Wonderful Woolens

The photo above shows the cabinet where I store
my felted wool.  

I have been collecting 100% wool clothing 
throughout the summer.  I cut it up and wash 
and dry it as shown here. This box was filled 
to the brim, I find it is better to save up my 
purchases and felt it all at once, that way I can
separate into different colors and still have a
good amount of wool in each wash load.

This is what it looks like after I separate the
wool after felting.  That's two large tables
filled with wool.

And this is what it looks like after trimming,
pressing and rolling.  I like to roll as much as 
I can so there are less folds to press out when
I want to work with it.  I have now started adding
a paper band around the roll to try to keep it in
place.  In the past, I would just store the rolls side
by side but I found they could unroll and get
messy.  I'll see how this goes...

This is a bin of wool with interfacing still 
attached.  If it is fused strongly to the wool,
I keep it on and use this for backings or

Here is a lucky mistake.  The wool on top is
the original.  A stray piece got mixed in with
the red and pink wool in the wash and look at
the wonderful result on the bottom.  I plan to 
add some tweeds to the red washes in the future
since I liked this so much.  This is a good reminder
of how important it is to separate colors, especially

And now I'm ready to get stitchin' in 
front of the fireplace.

So I have a few questions for you:
How do you store your wool?
How to you keep your wool together (like the paper band)?
Do you do anything differently as far as felting?

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