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Sunday, October 26, 2014

THE HUNT FOR RED (...and yellow, and orange, and maybe some purple) OCTOBER

We are having a glorious Autumn here in 
the American Midwest.  We live in an area
known for beautiful leaf color in the Fall but
this year seems to be particularly beautiful.

I have heard that it is a combination of 
temperature, sunlight and soil temperature
that makes the leaves so vivid.

In this area, people who go out to see the
Autumnal color are called "leaf peepers".

For the past two weeks we have been trying to
figure out when the "peak" of the color will be.

On our days off we would make plans to go
out for a drive to see the foliage but each time
it was very overcast or raining and that doesn't
make for good photos.

I hike in these woods every day and for the 
past week I have forgotten to bring my camera
on my hikes.

Today we were off and the sun was out finally.
It was a perfect Indian Summer day, the temperature
reached 75 F!

But sadly, we missed the peak time, many of 
the leaves are off the trees already.

So no sweeping vistas of trees of many colors...

And with the breezy weather we had today,
the leaves will all be down soon.  They were
falling like snow today.

So enjoy these photos of the color I could find 
on my hike today.

The sky was so blue.  As my old friend
Lucie Anne from England used to say,
"that beautiful American blue sky".

From our American Homestead to wherever you
may call home, I hope you enjoy the show from
Mother Nature.

Enjoy Autumn, Winter is coming soon enough.


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful colors. Yes, winter is coming soon enough.

  2. So beautiful fantstic pictures! In 1999 I experienced indian summer in New England and I really loved it! These beautiful colours! Here in Germany we didn't have so rich colours.
    Thank you for showing your pictures, I enjoy and remember MY indian summer long ago.


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