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Sunday, January 4, 2015


It was another cold and gray Winter Sunday so
to make things a bit brighter I wanted to do a 
little woolgathering.  I headed to my favorite
thrift store for my treasure hunting.  I have
decided to change the name of my "to go" thrift
shop from Goodwill to Goodwool...

...because for under $15 I got this PILE of
wool that I can cut apart, felt and make into
new creations.

I haven't been woolgathering in months
since the last time I had a box filled with
wool clothing to be felted.

After my Mom's death in September I felt I 
needed a project to get my mind off my grief
and give me plenty to do once I dove into the
project.  My studio needed to be revamped.  So, 
I started by emptying bins and long forgotten 
boxes onto the floor in the middle of the studio
 and I sorted through EVERYTHING,

I had this three piece office desk in our family
room.  Years ago we bought it thinking the desktop
computer would sit in the corner section and each kid
would have a desk on the side where they could do 
their homework and share the computer so they 
could work together to cure all disease and bring about
World Peace.  Of course the kids rarely sat there to do
their homework,  they soon had laptops and worked in 
their rooms.  Mr. Wonderful and I worked at it for 
years but we ended up with laptops and tablets and
phones and realized we'd never have a desktop computer
again.  So, I decided to bring it into my studio to use as
a sewing and storage table.

Craft and wool storage is in this cabinet.

My stitching table and computer desk with wool
felt storage in the corner.

Large cutting/work table, fabric storage,
drawing desk and button shelf in this corner.

There is another corner with more storage 
but that still needs some sorting and organization.

Mia the Wonder Dog hangs out with me all the 
time. I'm looking forward to getting to all the
projects I have sketched out and have floating
around in my mind.


  1. I haven't had much luck wool gathering lately -- they must be sending it all to your Goodwill!!! Tomorrow, we are going to Colorado Springs - hopefully, I'll have better luck. Sally