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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day!

We had a little snow last night.

I still get excited when snow is forecasted.  I prefer
the beauty of snow to the gray and cold of most Winter
days.  I still feel the excitement of a snowstorm, I guess
that is because I grew up in the snowy Northeast and a
 good snow meant a day off from school.  When I was in 
grammar school all the Moms would be sticking their 
heads out the front door at 7 am to hear if the town 
emergency whistle  was going to sound.  If it did, it 
meant kids were out of school and they better get the 
snowsuits and boots ready and hot chocolate for  later.  I 
can remember staying outside for hours playing in the
snow until my Mom insisted I come in for some hot
soup.  Snow days were so magical because it was like
a free pass to fun.  We were supposed to be in school
working hard but instead we were outside playing with 
our friends.  It was the closest a good kid got to playing

I still feel the magic.  Last night we all decided to go to
the local casino late at night after the snow had started.
Kate was working until 10 and we picked her up and 
went to what we call the adult video arcade.  It was
Brennan's first time at a casino since he just turned 21
this year.  None of us are gamblers (thankfully), we 
know we are not going to get rich by putting a few bills 
in the penny slots.  But it was fun to be out on a snowy
night doing something out of the ordinary.  I guess the 
snow was good luck because most of us left with more
than we spent.

Today dawned clear and sunny, the snow looks
glorious!  I probably enjoy it more than anyone
in the family because I work from home and no
longer shovel.  But getting the thrill of feeling like
a kid again ~ priceless!

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