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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Here It Comes!

The snow storm that is going to wallop the east
coast of the United States has already begun in 
my neck of the woods.  We are only supposed to
get a few inches but I just heard on CNN that New
York City may see the worst storm in its history!

So, to all my friends and family back home ~ make
sure you have batteries for the flashlights, bring in
some firewood and stock up on the essentials.  Most 
of all, stay safe and warm and enjoy the beauty of 
the snow.

Part of me wishes I was going to be hanging out 
on 50th Street ~ watching the snow pile up with
a pile of stitchery projects and watching British
mysteries on Netflix while the snow piled up 
outside.  I still get excited by a big storm.

Stay warm, stay safe, be happy!

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