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Monday, December 27, 2010

Travel Tales: Biking Through Versailles

A Beautiful Spring Day in Versailles

A visit to Versailles is de rigueur for any trip to France.

The beautiful palace of Louis XIV is filled with fabulously decorated rooms.

Admiring the painted ceilings will make your neck ache.

After touring the palace we had our picnic lunch
al fresco overlooking the fountains.

To work off the baguette & cheeses, we hopped on bikes
to tour the palace gardens.

View from the back of the palace, I love the look of early Spring
in this photo, the grass is green but the trees still look like Winter.
We rode all the way to the end of the Grand Canal.

View from the end of the Grand Canal back to the palace.

Le Hameau (hamlet), this is where Marie Antoinette would
go to act like a peasant, or at least, MA's version of peasant life.

I want this to be my studio.

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