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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Takes 2 - Set 2

Here are the others...

The final blocks from Set 2.

This is THE worst block I have ever
made.  I love precision in my quilting
and there is nothing precise about this.
After cutting, sewing, ripping and a little
cursing I finally finished and it was the
wrong size.  I added a few strips to 2 sides
and squared it up because I never wanted
to make this block again!!!!

I think I'll go lose myself in some
felt and embroidery today...


  1. Sounds not good.... Didn't turn me on to make these blocks...

  2. You sound very disheartened! Sometimes when this happens its good to put them aside and revisit them at a later time - I decided not to take this project on as I had other things I needed to do - see how you feel in a week before deciding whether or not to continue! Hope you are feeling a bit better now that you have immersed yourself in something different!

  3. I've come to the same conclusion. I was looking forward to the pattern, but it somehow looked a bit 'messy' this combination of blocks. I had selected a lot of reds and off whites, but waited for the 2nd set of blocks and guess what?? I made a testblock, the house LOL. And I thought it was me :-)).
    I;m so glad you wrote about it.
    So I'll look for another 2 color pattern. I hope you'll find something 'nice' to do with your blocks.
    Have a great week,