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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

National Pie Day

and I missed it!

Yesterday was National Pie Day.
A holiday I had never heard of
until yesterday.  And as someone
who considers herself a pie lover,
I am shocked that I never knew
of this splendid celebration before.

National Pie Day is celebrated on
January 23 or 1/23 because pie making
is as easy as 1,2,3 or I suppose we could
say, as easy as pie...

I confess I prefer to make a pie
over eating a pie.  Except in the
case of pecan, pumpkin or pineapple
pie.  I don't love fruity pies but since
most people do I make them.  I would
always prefer a fruit crisp, buckle or
grunt to a pie, but that's just me.

I love all things related to pie.  I've
collected rolling pins, flour sifters,
pie birds, pastry cutters.

Packed away somewhere is a collection
of vintage advertising pie pans, waiting
for just the right kitchen.

This delicious holiday was created in
1986 by the American Pie Council.
Another thing that I never knew
existed until yesterday.

Now we must be sure to not confuse
this holiday with the equally important
National "Pi" Day which is March 14th.
I think it could be fun to celebrate that
day with a pie as well.

All of the pies shown were made by
me during my now famous,
"Summer of Pie".
If I ever spend the summer at home
again instead of gallavanting all over
creation, I will do it again, but I may
need some new recipes. 
 Any suggestions?


  1. As we say over here, all the pies look very "lecker"!!!

  2. I was gonna tell you to HANG ON cuz Pi Day is coming on 3/14. Here in Washington we always send a pie to school to celebrate Pi Day and the kids get their choice of many many slices!


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