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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

It was 56 degrees F here yesterday in the
 American Midwest.  This is our Winter and
it should be freezing but we were given a
 hint of Spring ~ and it was wonderful!

Even in the dead of Winter there are
interesting things to see in nature.  I
love the vivid green of the moss and
the fungus on this fallen tree.

Look closely at this photo and you will
see the deer on the far right and far left.
I love that they never run away from me,
I talk to them and they stay very calm.
I like to think that they know I am as much
a part of these woods as they are.

There is still ice on part of the trail
that is blocked from the sun.

I enjoy the solitude of this time of year,
when it's just me and the trail.  This
beautiful weather has been a treat, but
alas, it is Indiana, and we will be having
snow in a few days...

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