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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Hagia Sophia

The End To A Long Journey

I think the first time I heard of the
Hagia Sophia was in a Humanities
class in high school but when I took
a class in Christian & Byzantine art
in college I knew I had to see it someday.

And yesterday I finally made it.

You can't imagine the majesty of the
architecture until you are within the
space, photos just can't capture it.

The structure was built as a Basilica,
then became a mosque and is now a
museum.  Sadly, many of the gorgeous
mosaics were covered up through the
years but here and there you get a
hint of how wonderful they were.

The Hagia Sophia is said to be the
epitome of Byzantine architecture.
In fact, the design was so revolutionary
it changed the history of architecture.

Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom.
Let's hope people in the future are
wise enough to preserve its beauty.

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