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Friday, April 13, 2012


Since it is Friday the 13th, it seemed appropriate
to write about a superstition found in other parts
of the world.  In many Mediterranean and Asian
cultures, the evil eye is a look that is believed to
be able to cause bad luck or injury.  Some use it
as a curse by casting a mean gaze but mainly it is
thought to be attached to envy.  One may give the
evil eye without even knowing it and it is often
thought to be the young that are the victims since
children are given so much attention by strangers.
The belief goes back to antiquity.  In order to ward
off the curse, there are talismans known as Nazars,
which are blue glass eye charms.  They are sold in
every shop in these regions but are not just for
tourists.  You see people wearing them, they are on
houses. in restaurants & hotels, in cars, ships and
even on baby strollers.  With all my purchases, I
think I should be safe.

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